Staging Services

Staging of Occupied Homes

Selling your home is a pretty stressful endeavour no matter how you look at it. Homeowners become blind to their surroundings and often neglect things that are staring them in the face. Professional home stagers are trained to see homes through fresh eyes – the eyes of a buyer. Stage Right can work with what the homeowner already has to improve presentation. The process involves editing and arranging to take advantage of space and show off best features. Improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into an attractive and welcoming home that will entice a wide audience has become the order of the day in competitive markets. Ensure your home shows to its full potential by contacting Stage Right.

Set Your House Apart From the Competition

Enhancement of Occupied Homes

Stage Right has a huge inventory of art and accessories available for rent. These additions will give your property the boost it needs to go from good to outstanding. Our accessories can be the final touch needed to give your home that WOW factor without breaking the bank.

Vacant Property or New Builds

Vacant homes take longer to sell. Buyers just can’t imagine how furniture fits and how rooms might be used. A vacant home – regardless of the condition - feels cold and impersonal. Stage Right has a huge inventory that is constantly being updated. We have the resources to create the vital finishing touches the home needs to help ensure it sells quickly. We offer staging services that range from partial staging to full house staging. The cost of home staging is far less than the first price reduction. Stage it well then watch it sell. Contact Stage Right to find out just how affordable vacant property staging can be.

Home Staging Services Offered to Realtors

Why should you include home staging as part of your valued services? Do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors? Are you frustrated with listings that don’t show well? How a property shows reflects on you as a Realtor; your listings are your portfolio and the way in which you attract new clients and referrals. Your expertise in pricing is still the number one factor in selling, but coupled with the skills of a professional home stager, your listings will show better and sell quicker. Ensure your listings are top competitors on the market. Contact Stage Right for more details.

Builders and Investors

Marketing a vacant property is not nearly as effective as marketing a professionally furnished one. Buyers are visual so it is imperative they are engaged the minute they enter your property. Hiring Stage Right can bring fresh, creative and affordable solutions to your project that will create a lifestyle that all buyers are hoping to find. We offer affordable furniture rental options as well as purchase options geared towards any budget.